Oregon Disinformation Index

ODI - an audience research project to map and track trends in disinformation in Oregon.

Disinformation is relentlessly piped into our community. And the goal is to set the marketplace of ideas on fire with deliberate campaigns to obfuscate, confuse, and mislead.

The more you understand the pipeline, the better you can disrupt it. And disrupting disinformation is a good thing.

**ODI exists right now as a Google Sheet. You can access the newest version here.**

How do I use ODI?

Simply put, we track three channels (or sources) of digital disinformation - social media, podcasts & YouTube. By studying the content consumption habits of different groups of Oregonians, we can see:

  1. What & Who are the sources for this disinformation.

  2. How & Where audiences are consuming this disinformation.

  3. When trends change and new purveyors of disinformation begin to build influence.

But, in all honesty, we’re still learning and understanding how to use this data. But collecting and curating it is a solid start, yeah?

ODI is a WIP

As a work in progress, ODI will change over time as we better understand how the data is most useful for our readers.

Each update (twice monthly) to the ODI will be accompanied by a short post highlighting any notable changes or developments.