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Local news was successfully defunded. Here in the Salem-Keizer area and across Oregon. Profit-driven, corporate consolidation of local newsrooms means fewer reporters. Fewer reporters, editors and photojournalists means less accountability.

Disinformation is the invasive species that blooms when local news deserts expand.

When I left journalism over a decade ago for a career in marketing, I missed the work but I didn’t envision ever really returning to it.

With the cratering of local news, and the resulting explosion of coordinated disinformation, I felt compelled to get back to journalism. A style of journalism that I think meets the moment.

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Is this objective journalism?

Nope. It’s progressive journalism written from working class perspective, with a focus on using primary source documents to hold those in power accountable.

How can I call myself a journalist if I’m not objective? No journalist reports and writes without bias, making this idea of objectivity in journalism an unattainable goal - a glorified myth.

My voice and perspective come through in my reporting and writing. It’s why I prefer to rely on primary source documentation to build stories. I firmly anchor my perspective in provable truth. And I tether my bias by using data and informed, documented research.

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Andrew Hickey is a journalist and communications professional living in Marion County, Oregon. He writes Salem-Keizer Proletariat, a digital newsletter focusing on the Salem-Keizer area and written from a progressive, working class perspective.