Tools & Resources

Local journalism isn’t just about being arbiters of information, fact or event. It’s about giving community a clear shot at being more informed.

Sometimes that means traditional reporting and writing. But journalism can also be about teaching community how to find information on their own.

Part fish monger, part fishing instructor. Or something like that….

My goal with these tools and resources are twofold:

  1. To simplify the extraction and presentation of (mostly) government-collected data

  2. Give readers meaningful exposure to primary-source, objective data and show how to spot patterns and ignore noise.

Okay, okay…here’s what we’ve built so far

Campaign Finance Tracker: A look at who is contributing and spending money in Oregon politics. Updated monthly or quarterly (depending on election cycles).

Oregon Disinformation Index: **PAUSED** A monthly research report that shows where Oregonians are getting their disinformation from, and what sources are trending. (ed. note: The research tools used to collect this data have gotten prohibitively expensive. We are looking for alternative solutions.)

**NEW** Marion County Spending Digest: A monthly report showing how Marion County Commissioners are spending public funds, with special notice where those funds go to political donors.

**NEW** Oregon Union Tracker: A weekly round-up of labor union news, events and happenings across Oregon meant to show how strong worker solidarity is across the state.

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