Salem-Keizer Proletariat
Black Iris
A transgender voice in a turbulent time

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A transgender voice in a turbulent time
Yes, yes - the Black Iris Podcast is back!

Paid Subscribers! The Black Iris Podcast is back. It’s a perk for SKP paid subscribers which, by the way, happen to be my fav group of people on this planet.

I’ll have more episodes coming & I’m shooting to record 1x week.

To mark Pride Month, I interviewed** a Salem resident about their experiences about coming out as non-binary, and ultimately making t…

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Salem-Keizer Proletariat

Black Iris

Black Iris is the podcast supplement to Salem-Keizer Proletariat, reserved for paid subscribers. Listeners get a preview of stories SKP is working on & what pieces are still in various stages of development. Episodes are meant to be very short, very informal, and more of a behind-the-scenes peek at what we do. Probably a decent amount of swearing. It can’t be helped.

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